The insurance claims process can be daunting when an unfortunate incident hits your property. The good news is that all is not lost. Public adjusters are licensed professionals working on your behalf. They can relieve much of this burden and ensure that your claim receives an equitable evaluation. However, some homework on your part is necessary for the public adjuster to be as effective as possible. What should you expect during their visit, and how should you fully prepare yourself?

Understanding the Role of Public Adjuster

First, remember that the public adjuster works for you, the policyholder. They do:

  • The Damage Assessment: These professionals will closely examine each section of the premises, capturing any visible damages via photos before proceeding.
  • Understand Your Policies: With you, this professional will carefully review your insurance policy to identify which coverages it offers in such a situation.
  • Information Gathering: You’ll also need to provide precise answers to questions about the incident and whether you took any steps to mitigate further damage.
  • Cost Estimating: The public adjuster will estimate costs incurred while repairing or replacing damaged property based on industry practices and expertise in construction matters.
  • Negotiation with Insurance Companies: The public adjuster communicates directly with their counterpart to negotiate for fair compensation from the insurer. Through negotiation skills, one can ensure that a victim gets total value for losses insured against.

Preparation prior Visit

For a smooth meeting ahead, here are some things you can do:

  • Collect Documents: Get together all of your relevant insurance documents and any details on the damage or temporary repairs and mitigating measures taken.
  • Create a Timeline: Understand clearly the timeline of events, which includes the date of the incident notification to authorities/neighbors. If any, what steps you have taken since then.
  • Provide Unobstructed Access: Ensure damaged areas are transparent to allow the public adjuster to examine them thoroughly. If anything obstructs their view, like debris, for example. Remove it so that a thorough inspection can be done.
  • Prepare Questions: Prepare a list of questions regarding the claim process, policy coverage, or specific concerns you may have.


During this visit by the Public Adjuster, there should be open communication. Clearly state the extent of damages and safety hazards and ask relevant questions. When responding to their queries, always be truthful and factual in what you say.

Collaboration is Important

Always remember that you and this adjuster are working together with a common purpose: a fair settlement.

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