Do you own a residential or commercial property? Has it experienced accidental water damage or destruction from wind or hail? If that is the case, you may be waiting painstakingly for your company to accept your claims and receive the compensation you deserve. When you finally hear from them and find out that your claim is denied, things can get frustrating. Your claim may have been refused for a valid reason, but it may also have been denied due to an error or for reasons that you don’t understand. 

Our expert team at Premier Public Adjusters is highly experienced in claim appeal matters for all types of properties. In the event your claim has been denied, call us today and we can investigate your case and manage the claim appeal process for you. 

We Review Claim Denials Carefully


Your insurance company will send you an official letter stating why they denied your claim. This letter provides the particular policy wording that supports the claim denial. ​​There is little you can do if your claim is denied for a legitimate reason, such as the premium not being paid or the sort of loss being specifically excluded from your coverage.

If, after comparing their argument to your understanding, you still feel your damage should be covered, engage a public adjuster. It is challenging to reverse a claim denial but the professionals at Premier Public Adjusters will help you prove where coverage is promised in your policy. We will handle the process carefully and ensure there are zero delays.


We Are Efficient

When your claim is denied and you want to file an appeal, you must follow the procedure and timeline stated in your policy. You need to file an appeal within the specified period. Once you file the formal appeal, this triggers a review of your denied claim. In addition, you must include as much proof and documentation as possible with your appeal to support your claim that your damages should be compensated. The stronger your evidence, the more likely you are to receive a thorough evaluation of your refused claim.

Premier Public Adjusters will make sure all necessary paperwork for your claim appeal is in place. We understand time is of the essence and will work with you closely to gather all documents in the most efficient manner. Our dedicated team will go above and beyond to ensure you receive fair and justified compensation.

We Provide Detailed Estimates of Building Repairs to the Insurance Company


When it comes to providing an accurate estimate of your property repair costs, you won't have to worry about a thing when you trust our capable team at Premier Public Adjuster. Our expert team is ready to provide a detailed estimate of the building repairs as well as an itemized list of damaged inventory to your insurance company. 

Our Company Can

Assess Damages & Confirm Coverage

Maximize Benefits in Your Policy

Negotiate A Full & Fair Settlement With Your Insurance Company

Prepare Necessary Documents


We Handle Various Types of Property Damage Claims and Appeals

Whether it is accidental water or fire damage, our skilled team at Premier Public Adjuster handles almost every type of property damage claim. You can trust our professional property damage appraisers and public adjusters in ensuring a quick and fast claim settlement. Similarly, if your claim has been denied, we will work to review it and negotiate with your insurance company to determine the validity of the refusal.

We guarantee that our comprehensive and aggressive tactics will allow you to receive full compensation as soon as possible.

Choose Premier Public Adjusters

At Premier Public Adjusters, our main goal is to get you the maximum property recovery you need. Our fully licensed and experienced public adjusters are ready to provide expert claim presentations and policy evaluations to our customers. We are devoted to meeting your needs and strive to bring you the quality service you deserve. To learn more about our services, contact us today.