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We Handle Your Insurance Claims Professionally

Every day, Premier Public Adjusters helps a vast array of home and business owners in Burlington County, NJ and the surrounding cities and towns. When you file an insurance claim, you want to receive the maximum settlement. That goes without saying. We can help assure that all your insurance claims meet the regulations of the Insurance Commission and are handled effectively. We will evaluate your situation and negotiate on your behalf.

When disaster hits, contact us ASAP. We will schedule an appointment with a representative of your insurance company. When we meet with your insurance representative, we'll provide an itemized damaged contents list/inventory. We will also include a detailed estimate of building repairs and whatever else is required.

We will proudly represent you and notify the insurance company of the reason for the damage to your property and any other pertinent information they need. Are you unsure about your insurance policy and its coverage? We can also provide a free inspection of your policy/coverage. Of course, we always provide free inspection of any property damages, be it commercial or residential.

About Burlington County, NJ

On average, New Jersey experiences two tornadoes per year, according to Rutgers. Per FEMA, New Jersey declared 51 major disasters between 1953 and 2019. Many involved severe storms and/or hurricanes. This year, numerous structures have been threatened by the Mullica River wildfire (roughly a 25-minute drive from Burlington) that is reportedly New Jersey's worst since 2007.

Why Should Property Owners in Burlington County, NJ Work with Premier Public Adjusters?

We employ a client-first approach: Unless we secure maximum compensation for you, we never charge a fee for our public adjusting.

For 25 years, we, at Premier Public Adjusters, have worked hard to preserve your financial well-being and protect your rights. We use simplified insurance guidance. When it comes to important details, we give them the kind of attention they deserve in order to supply our customers the edge they need for successful insurance claims.

Contact Friendly & Helpful Public Adjusters in Burlington County, NJ Today

Schedule your claims adjuster service today. Call us at 215-551-5307 or 800-804-2182. You may also choose to use our convenient online form to get a conversation started with one of our representatives.

Types of Damage Claims We Can Handle in Burlington County, NJ

  • Accidental Water Damage Claims: Accidental water damage can result from water used by the fire department to extinguish a fire, an overflowing washing machine, leaky dishwasher, leaky plumbing, and more.
  • Fire Damage Claims: The seven leading causes of fire damage are cooking accidents, portable heaters, smoking, candles, children, lightning, and electricity.
  • Water Damage Claims: If you've ever had to make an insurance claim involving water damage, you know how tricky it can be. Water damage claims are primarily driven by issues with washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerator leaks, water heaters, walls/windows, shower/bathtub edge/grout leaks, toilets, and roofs.
  • Wind and Hail Damage Claims: Windows, shutters, roofs, siding, etc. can be damaged by hail and wind. Some homeowner’s policies list possible causes for wind damage as the following: tornado, hurricane, a microburst, hailstorm, a nor'easter, thunderstorm, and more.
  • Vandalism Damage Claims: As a homeowner, vandalism can be the result of an angry neighbor, an ex lashing out, criminal vandals, and others. If you own a rental property, you may eventually have to file a claim for vandalism caused by a delinquent/disgruntled renter.
  • Mold Damage Insurance Claims: Mold damage in a home is commonly found in or around bathrooms, basements, kitchens, crawlspaces, attics, air conditioners, underneath flooring, and in laundry rooms.
  • Natural Disasters Damage Claims: Natural disasters can include earthquakes, severe storms/tornadoes, wildfires, droughts, tropical storms/floods, and more.
  • Hurricane Damage Claims: Following a hurricane, the cases of property damage most frequently include roofs, equipment, public utilities, and home interiors.
  • Business Interruption Claims: Business interruptions can be caused by severe weather conditions, explosions, terrorism, cybercrime, and/or fire.
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