Helping you Resolve Insurance Claim Disputes with Efficiency and Integrity

At Premier Public Adjusters, we understand the frustration that comes with insurance claim disputes. When your claim is stuck in a legal quagmire, you need the expertise of non-biased professionals who can guide you through the process. Our team is dedicated to helping you resolve insurance claim disputes with efficiency and integrity. We'll delve into the critical roles of expert witnesses and mediation representation and explain how Premier Public Adjusters can be your trusted partner in these challenging situations.

Expert Witness Services: A Beacon of Expertise

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What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge and proficiency in a particular field relevant to a legal case. They play a crucial role in providing impartial testimony to help the court make informed decisions. While most insurance claims can be resolved amicably between public adjusters or appraisers and insurance companies, there are instances when disputes reach a deadlock.


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With any of our comprehensive adjustment services, you can always expect the best guidance, open and honest communication, and are never charged a fee until we have successfully won your fair settlement.

When You Need an Expert Witness

Going to court can be a daunting prospect, but when negotiations stall, bringing in an expert witness can be the game-changer. Premier Public Adjusters boasts one of the nation's most qualified non-biased professionals with a track record of over 5,000 appraisals, a lifetime of multifaceted construction and roofing experience, and the distinction of being the #1 loss estimating company in the nation.

Our experts can testify in court cases encompassing a wide range of issues, from commercial and residential losses to general construction and architectural cases. When you find yourself at an impasse with your insurance company, we can step in as your expert witness, armed with unparalleled knowledge and experience to support your case.

Our Company Can

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Maximize Benefits in Your Policy

Negotiate A Full & Fair Settlement With Your Insurance Company

Prepare Necessary Documents

Mediation Representation: Bridging the Gap

Understanding Insurance Mediation

Insurance mediation is the process of settling disputes that arise from certain types of insurance claims. These disputes typically involve the insured and the insurer, each represented by their respective parties. The aim of mediation is to reach a mutually acceptable resolution regarding the insurance claim.

The Role of Mediation Representation

At Premier Public Adjusters, we take on the role of mediation representation on your behalf. When a dispute arises, we schedule and attend the mediation meeting, advocating for your interests throughout the process. Whether the claim is resolved during the meeting or requires further negotiation, our team will explore every avenue to ensure a favorable outcome for you.

Engaging Our Mediation Services

To benefit from our mediation representation, you must have an existing contract with Premier Public Adjusters. If you have a mediation scheduled and require our services, please contact us without delay. We understand the urgency of these situations and are ready to step in and protect your rights.

In times of insurance claim disputes, Premier Public Adjusters stands as your beacon of hope. Our expert witness services provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to sway court decisions in your favor. Additionally, our mediation representation ensures that your interests are safeguarded throughout the negotiation process.

Don't let insurance disputes drag you down; let Premier Public Adjusters be your trusted partner in achieving a fair resolution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your insurance claim dispute.