Water Damage Insurance Claims

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Water damage insurance claims rank among the most prevalent property-related claims, posing substantial financial burdens for insurance providers. These challenges often lead to frustration and distress for property owners who rightfully anticipate prompt and equitable settlements.

Water-related incidents can range from burst pipes and flooding to leaky roofs and appliance malfunctions. The aftermath of such events often entails extensive property damage, including structural issues, ruined possessions, and mold infestations. Consequently, insurance companies find themselves grappling with significant financial outlays when these claims arise.

This financial strain frequently translates into prolonged and intricate claims processes for policyholders, who naturally expect timely compensation for their losses. The resulting delays and complexities can exacerbate the stress already experienced due to the water damage itself.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage


Use these insurance claim tips to help your claim stay on track:

One of the most expensive and common categories of homeowner insurance claims is water damage (which includes damage from freezing). According to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly one in 50 homeowners report freezing or water damage each year, making up 29% of all homeowners insurance claims. Freezing or water damage claims generally cost around $11,098. Numerous events, such as frozen pipes, storm damage, and faulty plumbing systems, may result in water damage.

There are occasional exceptions, but most house insurance plans cover water leak damage. Certain situations, such as slow leakage, are expressly not covered by ordinary plans. It's crucial to understand what your insurance coverage does and does not cover if you need to file a claim for water damage.

Public Insurance Claims Adjuster for Water Damage

For property owners in Philadelphia, PA, and nearby areas dealing with water damage insurance claims, Premier Public Adjusters is here to help. Our experienced public adjusters specialize in assisting clients with the complexities of insurance claims, including the documentation of inventories, estimates, and factual evidence of damage. We ensure that claims are filed correctly, addressing all the specific requirements outlined in your insurance policy.


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Water Damage Insurance Claim Process

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Most insurance policies provide coverage for water damage resulting from "sudden and accidental" events, such as burst pipes, sink or tub overflows, toilet or sewage backups, and water intrusion due to window or roof breaches. However, some water damage may manifest gradually and silently, causing harm to building materials and furnishings through mold growth or unusual warping.

Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently underpay or deny water damage insurance claims for various reasons, including misinterpretation of policy language. We are here and provide adjusting services and deal with the water damage insurance claim process on your behalf.

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Water Damage Claim Denied?

If your water damage claim is denied, a skilled public adjuster can evaluate the claim's actual worth and assist with interpreting your policy. Seek a second opinion if your insurer rejects your claim for these reasons:

“A Very long ongoing leak.”

“An unrepaired leak.”

“A preventable maintenance issue.”

“Failure to mitigate damages.”

“Failure to maintain heat and electricity to a building resulting in burst or broken pipe.”

“Failure to drain or properly maintain the sprinkler system.”

Don’t Take Chances with Your Claim Settlement

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If you find yourself facing an underpaid or denied water damage claim, don't despair, as there are still avenues to explore. Our team of seasoned claim adjusters specializes in uncovering valid reasons to reopen your claim, and we are unwavering in our commitment to securing an enhanced settlement on your behalf. With an unblemished track record that proudly boasts a 100 percent success rate, it's no wonder our clients consistently choose us.

What sets us apart is our unique fee structure – you only pay us if we succeed in securing a larger settlement for you. It couldn't be more straightforward. Take the first step today by reaching out to us, initiating the process, and ensuring that you receive the compensation you rightly deserve. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority. Waste no time; contact us now to kickstart the journey towards the resolution you seek.