Who We Serve

A homeowner’s concerns regarding an insurance claim differ from those of an apartment renter or a business owner filing a similar claim. Each loss is unique, as are the needs of the policyholder. At all risk Public Adjusters we understand that your claim is personal. We also know that every claim has its own nuances that can impact the outcome. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our insurance claims adjusters’ experience will put you at ease and facilitate an efficient recovery.



Your home is a safe haven, and a loss – no matter how large or small – can be devastating for the entire family. We help you navigate common challenges that stand in the way of your recovery and guide you through the steps you should take when a disaster strikes.

We are providing quality service to residential and commercial clients in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware areas. We are fully licensed and insured public adjusters dedicated to providing expert claim presentation and policy evaluation. Our goal is to get the maximum recovery for you!



Premier Public Adjusters is a well-distinguished public adjusting firm that offers related services beyond financial recovery. Various clients come to us due to our extensive knowledge when it comes to different issues involving insurance claims. We act as appraisers and umpires in difficult claim disputes, working to fairly settle the issue with attorneys from both sides.

Condominium and apartment insurance claims are, by their very nature, complex. When a condo or apartment building suffers damage, there is a good chance that multiple units are affected. Residents and their property must be moved, and rent recovered.


Small Business/Industrial

A business’ ability to recover from a disaster is largely contingent on the policyholder’s ability to analyze the damage and prove the claim to the insurance carrier. Our insurance claims adjusters’ understanding of the claims process enables you to get back to doing what you do best, while we work for you at what we do best.

Few things are more important than recovering as quickly as possible so that you can resume your normal daily operations and minimize the impact to your bottom line.