From water damage to vandalism, fire, and even theft and natural disaster

If your property has been damaged, you need to decide whether the damage is bad enough to file an insurance claim. There are many things to think about before calling your insurance company.

Do you possess a valid claim?

How much damage is there, and how much is it going to cost to repair?

What is my deductible amount, and does it make financial sense to initiate a claim considering the deductible?

Is the damage covered under my policy?

Are there additional factors or aspects of the claim that I might not be aware of?

If you have these inquiries and require further details regarding your claim and the associated procedures, please don't hesitate to request a complimentary consultation and inspection. We are committed to offering you the most reliable guidance for your damage-related concerns. Feel free to connect with us through our form.

Major steps before calling insurance company

Contact us before call your insurance company

A comprehensive property inspection, policy review, and consultation will be conducted with the property owner to establish a course of action. This service is provided free of charge, and there is no obligation to engage our services unless you choose to do so. Detailed photographs of the damage must be taken, along with the collection of pertinent data such as measurements, before notifying your insurance company. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, we need precise information about the location, cause, timing, and circumstances of the damage, as well as whether further damage can be prevented or mitigated. Having this information in advance allows us to counter any theories that the insurance company may propose.

Furthermore, high-quality photographs are crucial. Your insurance company will send their adjuster to assess the damage, but you have no control over the angles or portions of the damage they capture. It's important that we possess solid visual evidence of the complete extent of the damage to refute any arguments made by the insurer.

Insurance companies often encourage prompt filing of claims, which can lead to important details being overlooked, resulting in only surface-level information being provided. We handle all the necessary paperwork and contact your insurance company, reducing the chances of written or verbal mistakes and streamlining the negotiation process. If you have already submitted a claim, our assistance is still valuable. Even if your claim has been closed after a payout, in most cases, we can reopen it and renegotiate the settlement.


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With any of our comprehensive adjustment services, you can always expect the best guidance, open and honest communication, and are never charged a fee until we have successfully won your fair settlement.

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