Fire Insurance Claim Help from Premier Public Adjusters


In the event that a fire damages your property, the resulting insurance claim can be one of the most complex and involved types of property loss to navigate. While it may seem like the easiest path to simply follow the lead of the claim adjuster from your insurance company, doing so all too commonly leads to settlement delays, grossly under-adjusted settlements and limited options for rebuilding and restoring your possessions and property.

Call us at (445) 999-9190 today or contact us online for help filing your fire damage insurance claim. Our property damage appraisers and public adjusters are highly experienced in expediting the fire insurance claim process to a fast and fair settlement. Our proactive approach allows you to control the pace and settlement of your claim rather than relying on your insurance company. With our aggressive and thorough methods, our clients are fully compensated in the most efficient way.

Tips for Your Fire Insurance Claim Settlement


A house or commercial property fire can be a life-changing experience as you have just lost pieces of your life or livelihood in a blaze. You might be wondering if you can claim enough to provide for your loved ones. Don’t worry; Premier Public Adjusters is here to help. We help you understand the technical language and complex procedures that are frequently associated with insurance policies. Additionally, our trained professionals will negotiate with individuals who represent the interests of their employers – the insurance company.

At Premier Public Adjusters, our team consists of accredited public insurance adjusters whose sole responsibilities are to serve you. We have helped homeowners and business owners determine everything to which they are entitled and achieve favorable adjustments. This way, you can focus on you and your family’s immediate well-being and safety.


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Need help with other kinds of property damage or have questions about your policy? Our wind, hail, and flood claims adjuster in Philadelphia can assist with complicated insurance matters of all kinds. With any of our comprehensive adjustment services, you can always expect the best guidance, open and honest communication, and are never charged a fee until we have successfully won your fair settlement.

Our Fire Damage Public Adjusters Can Help With Your Claim in Philadelphia


When you partner with Premier Public Adjusters to assist with an insurance claim or appeal, you’ll experience a personal level of service and support that simplifies every aspect of the process. We never compromise when it comes to getting you the money you deserve; from our evidence-based appraisals and professional claim documentation to our ongoing communication and negotiation with insurance providers, we use every tool at our disposal to create comprehensive submissions that the insurance companies will be obligated to approve.

After 20 years of experience overcoming complex insurance situations in Philadelphia, our strategic process results in faster resolutions, higher settlements, and fewer insurance headaches. From minor smoke damage, to complete home loss after a fire, our certified fire damage public adjusters in Philadelphia are dedicated to serving you with prompt, honest, and proven solutions to recoup the money you’re owed. The insurance companies are known for delays, denials, and will do whatever they can do to withhold the money you’re owed. With Premier Public Adjusters fighting for the recovery you deserve, you’ll have comprehensive access to our expertise, insight, and dedication to solving your problems with realistic solutions.

Our Company Can

Assess Damages & Confirm Coverage

Maximize Benefits in Your Policy

Negotiate A Full & Fair Settlement With Your Insurance Company

Prepare Necessary Documents


Our Motivated Fire Damage Claims Adjusters Focus on Results

By working with our fire damage public adjusters before, during, or after the claim submission, we empower our clients with the information and assistance they need to proactively prevent problems with the insurance companies. We’re always happy to discuss your policy in depth, will help you decide on the best claim or appeal to submit, and will manage all the documentation and ongoing correspondence with the insurance companies for a completely stress-free resolution.We know how stressful it can be to deal with insurance companies on your own. Along with the personalized claims assistance our fire damage claims adjusters provide, we hope that by expediting and managing the entire claims process, you’ll be liberated to focus on what matters- rebuilding your life with the financial support necessary for a fresh start.