If you have business interruption insurance, you may be covered for income lost as a result of a fire or natural disaster. This insurance compensates lost income in the event that operations are suspended due to direct physical loss or damage. When this occurs, you must check your policy to understand your coverage; however, the language may be confusing, and you may be confused by the scope of your coverage. A public adjuster can help you assess your policy for you. At Premier Public Adjusters, we will evaluate your policy in detail to determine your coverage, so you get compensated fully.

Useful Business Interruption Insurance Claim Settlement Tips


A disaster occurred and your operations had to be suspended. Fortunately, business interruption claims are designed to help cover the amounts you would be expected to earn during this period. While you are busy getting back in business, it is recommended that you seek expert assistance to prepare and file a claim. Engaging a trusted public insurance adjuster is an effective way to receive a prompt and fair settlement.

At Premier Public Adjusters, our team members will take a physical inventory, obtain pertinent appraisals, and ensure that all provisions in your policy are property fulfilled. Since our inception, we have been serving a diverse clientele, which consists of commercial businesses, professional firms, and public and private institutions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are accredited by the AAPIA and will use our experience and knowledge to work toward a favorable adjustment.


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Just as you wouldn't go to court without the assistance of an attorney, our licensed public adjusting firm will safeguard your rights and maintain your financial well-being by providing insurance advice to help you maximize your claim. We don’t charge any fees unless we successfully get the maximum amount of compensation you're entitled to for property damage or loss. Contact us for assistance in filing your business interruption claim today.

How Premier Public Adjusters can Help with Your Business Interruption Claim in Pennsylvania

We can help you with the following:

  • Providing the insurance carrier with a detailed estimate of building repairs
  • Damage inspection and insurance policy review
  • Notifying your insurance provider on your behalf
  • Represent you to negotiate with your insurance company to get the maximum settlement
  • Providing a complete list of damaged items to the insurance company

Our Company Can

Assess Damages & Confirm Coverage

Maximize Benefits in Your Policy

Negotiate A Full & Fair Settlement With Your Insurance Company

Prepare Necessary Documents


Why Choose Premier Public Adjusters to Handle Your Business Interruption Claim in PA?

Our public adjusters can make your life easier. This starts with comprehensive claim management, something you won't get with other public insurance adjusting companies. Our team of qualified experts understands what insurance companies want. Your insurance company doesn’t work for you. We will. And we’ll take every step to ensure you don’t get underpaid or rejected from any claims to which you are entitled.