Public Adjusters in Salem County, NJ

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Filing for an insurance claim can be a tedious process for homeowners and property owners alike, especially if you are unsure of the steps to be taken. Instead of mulling over it by yourself, which may lead to delays or even claim denials, allow us to assist you with your insurance claims. Premier Public Adjusters offers quality services in many areas of the US, and are committed to serving a diverse clientele in locations such as Salem County, NJ.

About Gloucester Salem County, NJ

Salem County is a county in the West part of New Jersey, right next to the Delaware River. Salem County occasionally suffers from severe weather, placing it as one of the most common causes of property damage. In 2021, an overflow of the Delaware river caused massive flooding and water damage to homes in the county. Such catastrophes often lead to a need to file damage claims with insurance companies, something that Premier Public Adjusters are experts at.

Why should Property Owners in Salem County, NJ Work with Premier Public Adjusters?

Premier Public Adjusters have 25 years of experience in the industry and provided assistance to many property owners in Salem County, NJ. Our financial recovery and related services have been awarded multiple Angie's List Super Service Awards. Rest assured that we will fight to ensure that you receive the most out of your insurance claims.

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Types of Damage Claims We Can Handle in Salem County, NJ

  • Accidental Water Damage Claims: Accidental water damage includes burst pipes, leaky roofs, and accidental plumbing leaks, and are one of the leading cases of property damage.
  • Fire Damage Claims: Insurance claims for property damaged by fire poses one of the most complex procedures that involve extensive damage assessment and paperwork. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you might want to work with a public adjuster.
  • Water Damage Claims: Floods and natural disasters can result in water damage, which if ignored can result in harmful property damage, such as the growth of mold or weakening the structure of the building.
  • Wind and Hail Damage Claims: Wind-driven rain and hail are the main culprits for damage to the external structure of your property over time. Our public adjusters will revise your windstorm and hail policy and negotiate a damage claim.
  • Vandalism Damage Claims: Vandalism and mischief remains one of the most prevalent property crimes. Paperwork can be supplemented by a police report which acts as proof of property damage.
  • Mold Damage Insurance Claims: Poor weather and leakages in the roof can cause the interior walls of buildings to collect water, which provides a perfect environment for mold growth. Accidental mold infestations can warrent an insurance claim.
  • Natural Disasters Damage Claims: Natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes and floods are becoming more common. Their aftermaths themselves are often difficult enough to handle without factoring in stress over your insurance claims.
  • Hurricane Damage Claims: Hurricanes ripping through a county can easily cause severe damage to property. A thorough assessment of the direct and indirect damages will be needed to file a proper claim.
  • Business Interruption Claims: A claim for business interruption compensates for the loss of income due to a business interruption event, usually including operating costs, payrolls, and movement to a temporary location.