Dealing with your Insurance Company after the Disaster

In times of disaster, homeowners whose property has been damaged or destroyed often look to their insurance claims for hopes of recovery. However, they are also often faced with varying degrees of success.

At Premier Public Adjusters, we are committed in consistently providing positive results for our clients regarding their insurance claims. We see this as a great means of giving them a fresh start. As public adjusters, our goal in mind is to keep our clients educated on all aspects of their claims. So here are some tips to remember as you interact with your insurance company and their adjusters.

Get an Advance

When disaster strikes, some of us are left with nothing including basic necessities such as clothes and shelter. Fortunately, in most insurance programs, your homeowners’ policy will cover the cost to replace these items. All you need to do is ask your insurance provider an advance against your eventual claim. They can bring the check to you. You can then buy everything you need, just remember to save the receipts.

Secure Your Property

Every insurance policy requires you to mitigate damages to your property. You are required to do simple repairs or temporarily fix damages in order to prevent further ruin of your investments. Your insurance company will then pay these costs when you make your claim.

File Your Claim Right Away

To prevent being far down on the list, you have to report your loss to your insurance provider as soon as possible. You can do this by simply calling your agent or sending him an email. Proof of loss claim is necessary in this case; you have to itemize your losses and list the value.

Keep Track of Your Living Expenses

Insurance policies include a loss of use clause. This entitles you to reimbursement for living expenses while you are out of your home. However, you are eligible only to additional living expenses or the difference between what it costs you to live on a daily basis at home and what it costs now.

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