At Premier Public Adjusters, we will give you some tips to protect your car and home from Halloween vandalism. Halloween is that time of the year when everyone is high on sugar and ends up doing really stupid things, we’re sure we’ve all been there.

Halloween can be a time for carving pumpkins, trick or treat, and enjoying time with our friends. However, don’t forget that Halloween also comes with pranks and mischief. Some of these pranks can lead to hazardous results, including water damage or fire damage on your car or house.

With all the excited kids running to your door, what happens if one trips and falls on your property? Don’t worry, you have insurance policies, they will cover you and your property. But you are also responsible for taking precautions.

For homeowners, taking proper precautions to protect their property can help reduce the chance of falling victim to some prank on Halloween. You should always keep your areas well-lit, move your cars into the garage, and keep an eye out for any egg throwers.

There are times when kids take the prank too far, and in some cases, they have also caused fire and water damage to homes. What do you do then?

3 Common Halloween Pranks

Getting TP’d

The night before Halloween is fun but also messed up. Moreover, it’s the time when pranksters come out and vandalize properties. Hence, they vandalize properties, toilet paper, and egg houses, smashing pumpkins, and causing trouble.

If there is major damage, be sure that a claims representative takes a look before homeowners begin cutting down limbs.

Halloween Burglary

Halloween is the time of the year when people stock up their homes with goodies. Unfortunately, the burglars know that. And, that causes robberies to take place. Not just homes but even cars. We understand how leaving the house would make homeowners feel vulnerable to theft during Halloween.

On Halloween, like any other night of the year, a homeowner’s policy will cover the theft of any belongings. Moreover, any other damage that occurs because of the break-ins such as fire damage.

Lantern Starts a Fire

Many people put lanterns up for Halloween decorations not knowing it can cause fire. If your lantern turns fiendish and causes a fire, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover any damage that took place.

How to Avoid and Take Precautions Against Damage

Keep In Check with Your Surroundings

You should keep in check with your surroundings. Moreover, your car and home are likely to be vandalized. What you can do is consider using motion lights. So, you can prevent damage before it takes place.

Also, make sure you are parking your car in a safe spot, somewhere you can keep an eye on it. For more protection, park in a spot away from objects that might conceal vandals. If you are visiting a friend, ask their advice for a safe place to park.

Try to Eliminate Temptations

During the time of Halloween, you should remove any valuables from your car and home. For instance, consider removing extra cash from your home and removing your laptop from your car. Additionally, there is nothing better than peace of mind.

Take Extra Security Measures

We think it is crucial to take extra security measures before Halloween. Moreover, you can consider adding security cameras or alarms to your car and in your home. Hence, you will be able to ensure that everything is safe.

What if Pranks or Damage Take Place?

If your home isn’t protected enough this Halloween, it is time you meet with Premier Public Adjusters to help you get peace of mind. The earlier you detect any damage, the better. So, keep all these tips in mind and get your homeowners insurance now!