When disasters occur, figuring out the insurance claim process can be confusing. Public adjusters can be beneficial supporters at such times. However, a number of misunderstandings surround their services, which hinder homeowners and businesses from seeking help from them.

Let us debunk some of the most common myths and show you what value a public adjuster brings to your claim.

Myth #1: We Only Need Public Adjusters for Large Claims

This isn’t true in any way. Although public adjusters can surely handle intricate and costly claims, their knowledge is essential irrespective of the size of the claim. Some minor damage may escalate in cost. Therefore, a public adjuster will enable you to receive equitable indemnification for all covered losses. Do not hesitate, even if you think it is just something minor.

Myth #2: Public Adjusters Cost Too Much and Eat into My Settlement

Usually, public adjusters operate on a contingency basis, where they only get paid when your claim results in payment. They charge a percentage of the amount recovered as their fee, encouraging them to maximize your settlement. Usually, their cost is outweighed by the additional compensation they get due to their expertise.

Myth #3: The Insurance Company Already Has an Adjuster, So I Don’t Need Another One

While insurance companies employ adjusters to assess damage, it’s essential to understand their primary objective – minimizing the company’s payout. On the other hand, policyholders who hire them work solely with you. They aim to ensure that your policy determines how much money you recover.

Myth #4: Public Adjusters Delay the Claims Process

Public adjusters often speed up claim processing through efficient handling of correspondence with insurers, gathering required documentation, and resolving disputes regarding payment amounts out of court. This way, you can have peace since they have enough experience for smooth resolution.

Myth #5: Public Adjusters Can Guarantee a Higher Payout

Public adjusters cannot guarantee a specific outcome. Their knowledge of insurance policies, construction costs, and negotiation tactics significantly increases your chances of receiving a fair and complete settlement that reflects the full extent of your covered losses.

The Truth About Premier Public Adjusters

Our Premier Public Adjusters are licensed professionals dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests during the insurance claim process. We level the playing field by providing expertise, guidance, and support throughout this challenging time.

If you’ve suffered any property damage, don’t be afraid to get help. Premier Public Adjusters has a proven track record of success in getting fair compensation. We have experts who can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have while giving you confidence in handling this claim process. For more information about our public adjusting services in Burlington County, NJ or how we can help you, visit us at https://premierpublicadjusters.com/.