With widespread property damage expected from hurricanes, many property owners will seek assistance and advice regarding their property insurance damage claim. One of the most common questions is about the advantages of hiring an insurance public adjuster. Many policyholders might not have heard of or understand what public adjusters do. This article provides  readers with a basic understanding of the benefits of hiring insurance public adjusters and the role they play in the insurance claims process.

When Do You Need To Hire An Insurance Public Adjuster For Your Hurricane Damage Claims?

A Brief on Insurance Public Adjusters

Simply put, insurance public adjusters are state-licensed and trained property insurance loss adjusters. They are exclusively retained and employed by policyholders who have suffered an insured loss to assist in the preparation, filing, management, and negotiation of insurance claim settlements. Most importantly, insurance public adjusters act as policyholder advocates with their insurance company, managing every detail of the claim and collaborating with the policyholder to provide the most equitable and timely settlement possible.

A competent insurance public adjuster should be expected to review the insured’s policy for coverage, inspect the loss site as soon as possible, analyze and document property and personal content damages, assemble claim support data, and calculate current replacement costs.

So, why and when should you hire an insurance public adjuster, and what advantages might the policyholder gain from doing so? Here are a few key points to consider before hiring one:

Fighting Your Claim

You need someone who understands “insurance speak” and the technicalities of policy language to negotiate with the insurance company for the best settlement on your claim and to ensure the process is done expertly and without errors. There have been numerous instances where a policyholder was told or believed they were not covered for a loss where an insurance public adjuster discovered coverage.

Experience and Skills

Comprehending your cryptic insurance policy requires more experience than you may have and skills that you do not have time to learn. Adjusters, whether they are employed by an insurance company, an independent adjuster hired by the insurance company, or a public adjuster, each have their own methods for estimating losses. Many adjusters will be brought in from other states to assist with the thousands of insurance claims that will be filed in the aftermath of a storm or other natural disasters. This can be problematic, particularly if the adjuster is unfamiliar with the specific laws and regulations of the state and how they govern the payment of property insurance claims. So learn about your adjuster’s background and ask questions before proceeding with your hurricane damage insurance claims!

Avoiding Mistakes

Putting a monetary value on the loss, as well as identifying and accounting for possessions and valuables, are time-consuming but necessary aspects of the claim. Another issue is allowing restoration companies to remove or discard property before it is documented. If you make a single mistake when filing your insurance claim, you may not receive an adequate settlement for your damages.

Getting Paid Quickly

Policyholders are generally pleased when they receive prompt payment. Don’t let your insurance company force you to accept a settlement that is less than what you are entitled to in exchange for the promise of receiving your settlement money sooner. Public adjusters see this tactic all the time and can help you negotiate an upfront payment while expediting the claim process so you have money in your hands sooner.

Contact Network

An experienced public adjusting firm will have the necessary contacts in their database to quickly clean up and repair the damage. Whether it’s plumbers, contractors, roofers, mold removal, or remediation companies, they have it on their contacts list. When you need to rely on someone the most, hire an experienced public adjuster to handle the complexities of your hurricane damage insurance claim settlement and get you back on track.