It is essential to submit a claim to an insurance provider after experiencing property damage. Although submitting a claim may give you the chance to pursue damages for your house, the procedure is sometimes perceived as being extremely difficult. It might be scary to deal with insurance companies, especially if you have never filed a claim before.

We Are Responsible for You


You won’t have to worry about settling your claims when you choose Premier Public Adjusters. Our experienced team will handle it and more for you. Our skilled team of public adjusters does the majority of the necessary work to process your claim. As a result, our public adjusters are responsible to get in touch with you during the claim submission and claim settlement process.


What We Do for You

Our public adjuster’s first step will typically be to ascertain if your property damage or loss is covered by your policy or the policy of the party who was at fault. We will look into the specifics of your claim after determining whether coverage is present. The investigative stage of the claim filing process might take some time, and we will likely perform the following actions:

  • Free inspection of damage and review of your insurance policy
  • Notifying the insurance provider on your behalf Giving the insurance provider a thorough estimate of building repairs
  • Supplying the insurance company with an inventory of damaged contents that is categorized
  • Making arrangements to meet with a representative of the insurance company
  • Assessing and negotiating the highest settlement possible
  • Ensuring that every insurance claim is processed effectively and in accordance with the Insurance Commission's regulations

The adjuster will create a damage report once the investigation into the property damage is complete. The damage report will include a thorough analysis of the financial impact of the property damage, including a list of all losses that were sustained as a result of it.

What to Expect in a Negotiation

Working with the insurance company to compensate you for property damage and bring you back to pre-loss condition is our goal in the negotiation process. Despite the frustration this procedure may cause, there are several crucial actions we take to ensure the settlement's effectiveness:

  • We write an efficient repair estimate

With Premier Public Adjusters Fighting For The Recovery You Deserve, You’ll Have Comprehensive Access To Our Expertise, Insight, And Dedication To Solving Your Problems With Realistic Solutions.

Our Company Can

Assess Damages & Confirm Coverage

Maximize Benefits in Your Policy

Negotiate A Full & Fair Settlement With Your Insurance Company

Prepare Necessary Documents


Our Motivated Fire Damage Claims Adjusters Focus on Results

By working with our fire damage Public Adjusters before, during, or after the claim submission, we empower our clients with the information and assistance they need to proactively prevent problems with the insurance companies.

We’re always happy to discuss your policy in depth, will help you decide on the best claim or appeal to submit, and will manage all the documentation and ongoing correspondence with the insurance companies for a completely stress-free resolution.

We know how stressful it can be to deal with insurance companies on your own. Along with the personalized claims assistance our fire damage claims adjusters provide, we hope that by expediting and managing the entire claims process, you’ll be liberated to focus on what matters- rebuilding your life with the financial support necessary for a fresh start.